Before we get started, here are a few FAQ's about Commissions:

How long does the process take?

It usually takes about 2-3 months from the first email until I complete and ship your piece.

What does it cost and when do I pay?

I require a 50% deposit after we decide on a design and before I begin the painting.  The final 50% + shipping will be due after you see and fall in love with the final piece and before shipping.

The price depends on the size of your piece.  I can create any custom size.  Here are a few sample prices to give you an idea...

11x14"- $250

16x20"- $500

20x30"- $750

24x36"- $1,000

So, what do you say?  Would you like to get started on your unique painting, created just for you and your space?  

Send me a message using the form below.  

Let me know a few of your favorite flowers, the approximate size you are looking for and the colors in the space you will be hanging your painting along with any questions you may have.

I will get back with you within a few business days and we will begin the creative conversation and design process. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Name *

Thank you!  I will be in touch with you soon!