The Gift of Wonder

I find my three boys' natural sense of wonder so delightful.  When they get in the woods, they use all their senses to experience and enjoy their surroundings.  They stop to feel every alluring new texture.  They inspect the mushrooms growing wild in the trees. 


They take time to listen to the woodpeckers and love to identify and follow animal tracks in the snow.  They collect bits of moss to admire at home and fill their pockets full of forest treasures. 


They climb through fallen trees, dig through the snow to uncover hidden acorns and bend low to enjoy the fragrance of a juniper bush. 

They help me relearn wonder.  While familiarity can breed contempt, it can also breed indifference.  I lose the gift of wonder and forget to marvel.  Miracles become commonplace and lose their power to stir.

Now when I go for a hike, I love to bring my camera along.  I hunt for beauty and stop often to admire it.  The way the sun streams through the trees.  I look for hidden wildflowers, first morning frost and ferns unfurling. 

As I do this, I discover that stirring wonder is not just good for my creativity.  It is also good for my soul.

And....I also discover that it is ALWAYS a good idea to thoroughly check the boys' pockets before throwing in the wash. 

Rebecca Deneau2 Comments