The Benefit of Using Foraged Branches In Your Home


I love heading outside with my pruning shears in hand, looking for colors and textures that inspire me. There is something so lovely about bringing fresh cut branches inside to enjoy. As I was out doing this other day, I thought of 10 different reasons that I hope will inspire you to give it a try too…

  1. It’s an easy pop of color. If you are like me, I am constantly developing a new color crush. And as the seasons change, the colors I crave change with it. Right now, its the color of the leaves that are a soft gold, right before they lift to orange. That is the color that is currently bringing on all the warm cozy feelings of early October.

  2. You get to show off that new vase you love. Being a floral designer for many years, I have a thing for vases. I love to collect them and often display them on my shelves. But the best way to show off a great vase is to put something fresh in it.

  3. It’s free. Decorating your home with branches from your own backyard is a great way to make use of what your already have. And who doesn’t like free?

  4. It adds life to your home. An element of good design that many people forget is adding in organic shapes and textures. Bringing in fresh cut branches, plants or fresh flowers can add that feeling of life and warmth that we long for.

  5. It doubles as pruning. Do you have an unruly bush or crab apple tree creeping too close to the house? Those long, wild branches might just be perfect for your mantle.

  6. It is casual and elegant at the same time. The simplicity of it is both casual and elegant. And that kind of effortless beauty is the feeling I am going for in my home. How about you? Beautiful home stores like Pottery Barn have been using fresh cut branches in their home styling for years.

  7. It’s easy! No floral design skillz needed! Just sharp pruning shears, 2 or 3 tall beautiful branches and a fun vase.

  8. It’s a great way to slow down. I have heard a handful of people say lately, Wow, it’s October so it is practically Christmas and Happy New Year while I am at it! I get it, the holidays are busy.

    What I really long for though, is to slowly savor it all. Especially fall, because it’s my favorite. The hot drinks, the cozy blankets, the apple picking, the colors, the fresh pumpkin donuts…

    I find that this one simple thing helps me slow down and savor more. Cutting branches once a week helps me stop and take notice as the colors shift and of the changing beauty around me.

  9. It is something we can to do in any season. At thanksgiving, try cutting the beech branches that have gone copper. Add in a few stems of boxwood or pine to embrace that tension between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cut a selection of pine and cedar well into the New Year. In Spring, bring in blooming branches and in summer try out all of the lush greens available to you.

10. And finally, It is a good exercise in mindfulness. It is easy to go through my day, caught up in my thoughts. When I do this, I become less aware of my surroundings and less sensitive to the people around me. But when I step outside and intentionally engage my senses to enjoy the colors and textures that I find beautiful, it helps bring me back to the present.

I don’t know about you, but being fully in the present is where I want to be. And appreciating the beauty around me is always good for my soul.


Would you like more tips? Come and grab my   FREE E-book   to learn how to create beautiful arrangements from your own backyard.

Would you like more tips? Come and grab my FREE E-book to learn how to create beautiful arrangements from your own backyard.

Rebecca Deneau2 Comments