Learning to See

Recently, while sitting with my boys overlooking Lake Michigan, I asked them,  "If you were to paint this scene, how many different shades of blue would you mix for the water?"


It was fun to watch them slow down and start counting.

They noticed how the depth of the water and direction of sunlight affected color.

They saw not only shades of blue but colors that drifted into aqua and emerald and even the lightest shade of lavender.

Painting a local scene or flowers from the garden helps me to slow down.  It teaches me how to see.


When I take the time to notice details, it stirs my admiration and deepens my appreciation.


I want to train my eye to see all of life like an artist.  I want to train my soul to see beauty.

When I look outside on a rainy day, I want to see the robin taking a drink and the peony shoots growing taller.

When I look at my son, I want to look close enough to notice his freckles and count all the shades of blue and green in his eyes.

I want to look deep enough to read clues of what he does not say.  To perceive how to love him best right now.

Because everybody wants to be seen and loved for who they truly are.

And being fully present is one of the best gifts we can give each other.


Rebecca Deneau1 Comment