I’ve been wanting to paint this scene for over eight years. 

Five years ago, I printed out the treasured photo of my husband and son and pinned it on my inspiration board. 

I finally finished the under drawing three years ago.  Last fall I told myself this was going to be the year I was going to paint it. And this month, it finally happened.
Do I win the award for procrastination queen?  Probably so.

But you know what?  I am happy. I am happy because it finally happened.  I'm happy because it reflects where I am at right now.  Is it perfect? Of course not. Is there room for improvement?  For sure.

Was it my fear of getting it wrong and messing it up and not feeling ready that kept me from moving forward with the project for so many years.  Most definitely.

But I have recently decided that I can only be where I'm at right now.  And frankly, I can never be where I want to be unless I walk through today.  Being present, teachable, and giving it all I've got. And that's really what this painting is about for me.

It is about growing in trust that I am fully loved right now. Before I become more.  More accomplished, more patient, more of all those things I think I need to be more of.

Just like a child who climbs in the arms of a loving parent and is fully and completely embraced.  Feeling safe, peaceful and delighted in.  

Fully and completely loved before they even become a kind, responsible, grown up human. Even before they know how to tie their own shoes.


Moments like these express the heart of a loving father and beautifully reflect the tender heart of our Creator.  A Creator who loves us so perfectly, and invites us into His arms.

I want my life to be an out working of being loved instead of a working to be loved. 

All of life then becomes a joyful expression instead of a striving for. And boy, that does sound like a good way to live.