"Flowers were my very first painting muse years ago. That love grew into a career as a floral designer in the Chicago area and developed into a love for gardening. Working with flowers has always been a joyful experience for me. When I began working with fresh flowers and foraged greens in my studio I found a renewed joy in the creative process. For me, painting flowers allows me the opportunity to slow down enough to appreciate all the details that make up something so ephemeral and delicate.”

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My husband and I have three nature loving boys and live in Traverse City, Michigan, my  husband’s hometown.

I grew up in the Chicago area and take regular trips back to spend time with family and friends.  I also still enjoy the abundance of culture and art the area provides.  I have lived in Traverse City the last 15 years and love the slower pace, the people and the beautiful landscape of Northern Michigan.  

I fell in love with oil painting at a young age at a Chicago area art league and went on to study art in college.  I work out of my home studio, and love gathering fresh inspiration from my garden and the local area.  When I am not painting, you can often find me in the woods or on the lake shore, exploring with my family.



  • Featured artist at Bonobo Winery, Traverse City, MI- Nov/Dec 2018

  • Collection of work displayed June 2018 at the Traverse City Country Club

  • Became a member of Oil Painters of America in January 2018

  • Collection of work displayed June 2017 at the Botanic Gardens in Traverse City, MI

  • "Peoples Choice Award" in Baypointe CC juried annual show 2015 with, "Overcome by Fear, Fear Overcome"

  • Accepted into ARTPRIZE Grand Rapids 2015 with piece "Overcome by Fear, Fear Overcome"

  • Floral piece in juried show at Baypointe CC in April 2016

  • Floral piece in juried show at Gallery 50 in February 2016

  • Accepted into ARTPRIZE Grand Rapids 2011 with "The Offering"

  • A selection of work shown at Inside Out Gallery in 2009.