The Commission Process

Nobody sees a flower really - it is so small it takes time - and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.
— Georgia O'Keeffe


O'keeffes words reveal the heart of why I love to paint flowers. It provides me the opportunity to slow down enough to appreciate all the details that make up something so ephemeral and delicate.


and maybe, If I practice truly seeing a flower, it will help in my quest to fully see and appreciate my family, my friends and my neighbor as well.

I love creating original oil paintings that reflect the unique personality of the collector.  Work that includes their favorite flowers and colors and is the exact size they need for their space.

Do you love the peacefulness of a neutral palette?  Or do you love rich and bold colors?  Maybe you have a specific color in mind that you can't get enough of?

Do you like the refined look of roses or lilies?  Do you have sweet memories tied to the flowers from your mothers garden?  Or are you a meadow wildflower at heart?  Maybe you like to hike and explore and love the textures of the forest?

To start the creative process, we discuss a design, develop the color palette and create a sketch for the composition.  Once you are excited about the design, I will get to work creating a fresh floral arrangement to use as my still life as I paint.


Building a floral piece feels a bit like creating a sculpture. Organic materials forming layers of color, texture, line and shape.

IMG_20171020_125346_008 (2).jpg


Next, I mix up the rich, buttery oil paints.

Then I begin creating your painting with all archival quality materials. I take my time as I seek to capture the life, beauty and essence of the flowers.

Working from life provides the advantage of being able to see the full spectrum of colors, and experience the flowers as I paint.

Once your piece is finished, I will send you the final reveal pictures for your review.

At this time we can select a custom frame for your piece if you would like one.

Then once the piece is fully dry (usually a couple of weeks), I will carefully package your painting and send it your way! 

The only thing left then is for you to enjoy your new art.  THere is nothing quite like Owning an original oil painting.  To take in the rich colors, see the brushstrokes and feel the texture in person is a wonderful experience.

IMG_20171025_143159_790 (2).jpg
I can’t even begin to tell you how blown away I am by this piece of art now hanging in my livingroom. The proportion is perfect. The detail you have in the flowers is stunning. The colors are perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing!
— Joy Dillon- Huntersville, NC